February 2 - Iran's Hawks and America's Hawks Head for War; The "Religious Freedom" Executive Order That Will Change American Life; Trump Disses the Australian PM

September 14 - Australia Dumps Its Embarrassingly Inept PM; The Egyptian Military Kills Mexican Tourists With a US Apache Helicopter; Confronting the Reality That Pakistan Takes Our Money and Kills Our Troops

December 16 - The Pakistan Taliban Retaliate by Slaughtering Children; The Ruble in Freefall as Obama Is Poised to Sign off on Increased Sanctions; The Continuing Hype about the so-Called Islamic State That Has Nothing to Do with Islam

November 16 - Russia's Growing Isolation; U.S. Strategy in Iraq Driven by Domestic Politics; Outrage Intensifies in Mexico

October 22 - The Shootout in the Canadian Parliament; The Passing of an Australian Prime Minister Who Believed He was the Victim of a CIA Coup; The Conviction of Four Blackwater Mercenaries