February 14 - The Firing of Trump's National Security Advisor; The North Korean Dictator's Brazen Assassination of His Older Brother; Venezuela's Vice President Sanctioned as a Drug Kingpin

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Part 1

We begin with the resignation of the embattled National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who during the transition, made phone calls to the Russian Ambassador that were intercepted by the NSA, prompting then Acting Attorney General Sally Yates to alert the White House that Flynn was exposed to potential Russian blackmail and had lied to Vice President Pence, all of which President Trump was informed about more than two weeks ago. The former director of European Affairs on the National Security Council in the Clinton Administration who for the last three years was a special assistant to President Obama for national security, Charles Kupchan, joins us. He just left the White House on January 19, and discuss the disarray and dysfunction in the Trump White House’s National Security Council and how the Russian story that the White House and the Republicans were hoping would go away, has come back into the headlines, adding weight and urgency to growing calls for an independent commission to investigate Russian involvement in our election.


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Part 2

Then we look into the public assassination of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s older half-brother who was killed at the airport in Malaysia’s capitol by two female operatives who placed a poison-laced cloth over the victim’s face then escaped in a taxi. Sung Yoon Lee, a Professor of International Affairs at the Fletcher School at Tufts University, joins us to discuss the ruling Kim family dynasty’s ruthless purges of relatives and their long history of conducting brazen political killings on foreign soil.

Part 3

Then finally we go to Caracas, Venezuela and speak with David Smilde, a senior fellow at the Washington Office of Latin America who has researched Venezuela for the past 22 years and lived there for a total of 12 years. He joins us to discuss the sanctions announced today at a White House press briefing by the new Treasury Secretary against Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami, who is accused of being a drug kingpin with tens of millions in frozen assets, as well as a supplier of Venezuelan passports to Hezbollah operatives. 

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