December 27 - Hope Arises as the Resistance Emerges; The Director of the New Movie "In The Fade"

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Part 1

Today we look back on the first year of the Trump Administration and search for some glimmers of hope amid the dark clouds at home from the destruction of our domestic tranquility and the diminution of America’s standing abroad as Trump undermines democratic values while encouraging authoritarianism and white nationalism. We will begin with Roger Morris, who served on the senior staff of the National Security Council under Presidents Johnson and Nixon until resigning with Anthony Lake over the bombing of Cambodia. He joins us to assess the extent to which Newton’s Law applies to our domestic and foreign policy in terms of every action having and equal and opposite reaction. We explore whether Trump’s avarice, amateurism, ignorance and cynicism will eventually catch up with him as the huckster who promises bigger and better things delivers less and less. We will look into how already there are impressive signs of opposition forming at the grassroots which is likely to build as more and more Americans recognize the hollow and fraudulent nature of the empty promises coming from the White House while the criminality and kleptocracy of this regime comes under increasing scrutiny from the special counsel, who Trump might well fire as Mueller gets close to indicting him.

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Part 2

Then we speak with the director of a new film that takes on the issues of immigration and race relations roiling America and Europe and deals with the ugly re-emergence of white nationalism. Fatih Akin, the director of “In the Fade”, a feature film out of Germany starring Diane Kruger, joins us to discuss this drama about a German woman seeking justice for the terrorist attack that killed her Kurdish husband and son. Based on a real incident involving young German neo-Nazis who killed Turks living in Germany, the movie reflects the political tensions resulting from immigration in Germany today that Donald Trump has inflamed here at home and which emerged in Charlottesville.

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