December 26 - A Russian Journalist's Advice on Covering Trump; "Game of Thrones" for morons; "Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House";

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Part 1

Today we look back at a few interviews throughout 2017 examining the secret ties under investigation between Putin and team Trump and his family. On January 18 we called Moscow to speak with a Russian journalist who sees a familiar authoritarian leader in Donald Trump and his handling of the American press after covering Vladimir Putin for 12 years spoke with Alexy Kovalev, a Russian journalist who writes about propaganda, fake news and Russian state media on and has an article at “A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media”, joins us. We will discuss the similarities between these two authoritarian leaders with massive egos and a deep disdain for the press that Putin dominates and controls in his country with ease while Trump, who was elected with the help of $5 billion’s worth of free media as he spewed contempt for the very media that could not get enough of him, has already reigned in the White House press corps as his media spokesperson Kelly Ann Conway spins the American press daily with breathless doublespeak.

Part 2

Then we will go to a broadcast from May 10, 2017 just after the firing of FBI Director Comey in a desperate effort by Donald Trump to shut down the Russia investigation in which the craven Republicans are complicit as they slow walk the investigations and continue to distract and delay in the hope that they can get their agenda enacted before Trump is impeached. The author of “The Great Questions of Tomorrow”, David Rothkopf, the publisher of Foreign Policy Magazine and where he has an article “Is America a Failing State?”, joins us to discuss a White House out of control consumed by infighting, amateurism and intrigue which is now being described as “Game of Thrones for morons”. We will look into the efforts by Stephen Bannon to undermine the only adult left advising Trump, General McMaster and Trump’s latest display of affection for autocracy where he banned the U.S. free press from today’s White House meeting with Russia’s foreign minister but allowed in
the Putin-controlled press.



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Part 3

Then finally we go to a broadcast from November 19, 2017 and speak with The Guardian’s former Moscow bureau chief who was expelled from the country by the Kremlin about his new book just out, “Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House”. Luke Harding who knows Julian Assange and Edward Snowden well and has interviewed the author of the Steele dossier Christopher Steele, joins us to discuss why Steele believes that his dossier on Trump’s collusion with the Russians is between 70 and 90% accurate, and why Steel feels he will be vindicated as the special counsel’s investigation digs deeper into Trump, his family and associates’ contacts and collusion with Russians close to Putin.

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