August 7 - A Black Monday Tsunami?; Israelis Protest Living Costs; Rick Perry for a Prayerful President; Third Political Party - The Internet Candidate

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Part 1

As European Central Bank and the G7 Finance Ministers hold emergency meetings, we begin with the possibility of a Black Monday, a financial tsunami cascading across overseas stock exchanges, a global crash which the ministers are attempting to prevent, before it reaches our shores. Economist Dean Baker joins us to explain who the Standard & Poors rating agency are, why they downgraded the U.S.’s credit rating, and how they have the power to do so and rattle world markets.

Part 2

We go to Israel where massive demonstrations are shaking the Netanyahu government in what some are describing as Israel’s Arab Spring. Gideon Levy, who writes for the Israeli newspaper Haaritz, joins us to assess how this youthful rebellion, which started as a tent city, has grown into a national protest movement.

Part 3

Then Dallas Morning News Senior Political Reporter Wayne Slater joins us. He covered Saturday’s political/religious revival meeting in Houston organized by Governor Rick Perry and a group of pastors, many from the New Apostolic Movement. We look into this new movement on the religious right as well as the growing possibility that Rick Perry will throw his ten gallon hat in the Republican presidential ring.

Part 4

Then finally we examine American’s Elect, a new Internet-powered Third Party that is silently sweeping the country and is poised to be on all 50 ballots in next year’s election. Third Party veteran organizer Kevin Zeese, who was Ralph Nader’s spokesperson for his 2004 presidential run, joins us to talk about the well-financed Americans Elect that will conduct virtual primaries in mid-2012 to elect a Third Party presidential candidate via the Internet.