August 29 - Obama Should Make His Case for Syria to Congress; Military Action in Syria Based on Humanitarian Grounds?; Question for Obama Before He Pulls the Trigger

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Part 1

We begin with an argument that President Obama should go to Congress to make his case for war against Syria. Award-winning author and national correspondent for The Atlantic, James Fallows joins us to discuss his article at The Atlantic “Here’s a Wild Idea About Syria: Make the Case To Congress” and that there in more on the line than a president’s credibility when it come to war. fallows


Part 2

Then we look into what is happening at the U.N. as a repeat of the Iraq experience appears to be underway with calls to allow U.N. weapons inspectors time to do their job before the bombing begins. Barbara Crossette, the U.N. correspondent for The Nation and the former New York Times bureau chief at the U.N. joins us to discuss efforts by the British to draft a resolution based on the R 2 P doctrine, the responsibility to protect, that would allow military action in Syria based on humanitarian grounds that civilians need to be protected from the regime’s use of WMDs.



Part 3

Then finally we speak with Colonel Andrew Bacevich, a retired U.S. Army Colonel who is currently a Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University. We  discuss his article at Bill “Questions for President Obama – Before He Pulls the Trigger” and the reality that only 9% of Americans support a war against Syria, as well as the fact that from a soldier’s perspective, war is a risky business