August 14 - Ryan Reignites the War on Women; Media Wars in the Middle East; Wind Energy on the Move

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Part 1

We begin with a perennial issue that divides if not dominates American politics, and that is abortion, now returning to center stage with Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket. Best-selling author Frank Schaeffer joins us. He is the son of Francis Schaeffer who began the anti-abortion movement in this country and was one of the founders of the religious right. We discuss the latest round of abortion politics brought on by Paul Ryan who opposes all abortions including those for victims of rape, as well as all forms of contraception. frank schaeffer


Part 2

Then, as the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran over Syria is not just being fought in the streets of Aleppo, but is raging over the airwaves across the Arab world, we look into the media wars in the Middle East. An expert on the Arab media, Marwan Kraidy, a professor at the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, joins us to discuss the double standard in coverage of the Arab spring revolutions by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

marwan kraidy
Part 3

Then finally, while Mitt Romney was in Ohio today accusing Obama of waging a war on coal, the president visited Iowa to tout wind energy. Dr Harold Prior, the founder and Executive Director of the Iowa Wind Energy Association joins us to discuss a thriving and growing industry that employs 75,000 Americans and generates 50 gigawatts of power. An industry that Romney dismisses as “imaginary” and Ryan says is a “fad”.

harold prior