April 24 - Trump Threatens Iran That They Will Have "Big Problems"; The Strange Motives Behind the Toronto Massacre; Trump Hangs Out His VA Nominee to Dry

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Part 1

We begin with President Trump threatening Iran today warning they will have “big problems” if they resume their nuclear program while Trump seems determined to blow up the P5+1 deal with Iran which is preventing Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons.  A veteran CIA operative and Middle East expert Robert Baer, who is currently a national security analyst for CNN, joins us to discuss what exactly Trump may be threatening as he stood beside France’s President Macron, who incidentally is trying to persuade Trump to stick with the Iran deal which Trump characterized today as “insane”. With rumors rampant in the Middle East press about a buildup of U.S. naval and air forces in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf, we will assess the extent of the belligerent influence of the new national security advisor John Bolton as well as warlike threats from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince who are lobbying the White House to blunt Iran’s growing influence in the region, particularly in Syria and in Iraq where elections are about to take place with an Iranian-backed candidate the frontrunner.

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Part 2


Then we go to Canada and speak with Henry Giroux, the McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest whose most recent books are “America at War With Itself” and “The Public in Peril: Trump and the Menace of American Authoritarianism”. He joins us to discuss yesterday’s use of a van as a weapon in Toronto which resulted in 10 killed and 14  wounded, mostly women. We try to understand the motives of the driver Alek Minassian who appears to be influenced by the so-called Incel rebellion and the fact that the suspect who taunted the police to shoot him, is alive because the police in Canada are not as trigger-happy as they are here in the U.S.

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Part 3

Then finally we look into the increasingly tenuous state of Trump’s nominee to head up the Veterans Administration, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, who was elevated from his position as White House physician by Trump to head up the second biggest government department after the Pentagon.  Suzanne Gordon, an award-winning journalist and author of “The Battle for Veteran’s Healthcare: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Policy Making and Patient Care” whose forthcoming book is “Wounds of War: How the VA Delivers Health, Healing and Hope to the Nation’s Veterans”, joins us. We discuss Trump’s extraordinarily back-handed endorsement of his nominee today in a press conference in which Trump said he was standing by his nominee while at the same time saying he did not want his nominee to go through an ugly process and be attacked by a “vicious group of people”, meaning the press, concluding with the nail in the coffin, “If I were him, I wouldn’t do it”.

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