April 17 - How Secure is Our Homeland?; A Watered-down Gun Bill Shot Down in the Senate; Is the New Pope a More Appealing Salesman for the Same Old Product?

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Part 1

Although the latest bombings in Boston don’t yet appear to have overseas fingerprints, we begin with an analysis of the national security issues that arise out this attack on Americans possibly by other Americans. Heather Hurlburt, the Executive Director of the National Security Network joins us to discuss how secure our homeland is.


heather hurlburt


Part 2

Then we examine the failure of the Senate today to even consider a watered-down bill on expanding background checks on weapons sales and the President’s angry response to what he called a shameful day in the nation’s capitol. Dennis Henigan, the author of “Lethal Logic: Exploding the Myths That Paralyze American Gun Policy” and John Donohue, the author of “Shooting Down the More Guns, Less Crime Hypothesis” join us to discuss how the gun lobby is able to thwart the will of 90% of Americans.


dennis henigan

john donohue


Part 3

Then finally we examine the Vatican’s war against American nuns for promoting "radical feminist themes" that the new pope Francis, who has been warmly received by liberal Catholics, is continuing, reaffirming the hard-line doctrinal crackdown by his predecessor. Kenneth Briggs, who writes for the National Catholic Reporter and is the author of “Double Crossed: Uncovering the Catholic Church’s Betrayal of American Nuns,” joins us. ken briggs