May 24 - Trump's Amateurish and Mathematically Absurd Budget; What Happened to Bipartisan Outrage at Russian Interference in Our Election?; The Pope Tries to Influence Trump

February 9 - Will the Biggest Political Scandal in Washington be Buried?; Bannon and the Vatican"Rad Trads" Who Oppose the Pope; The Bully in the Pulpit

September 23 - The Nun on the Bus Meets the Pope at the White House; The Dark Side of Religious Freedom in America

September 24 - The Pope Confronts Politics Head-On; The Chinese Leader's Staged Visit; Unbridled Capitalism Run Amok

September 20 - Russia Rescues Assad While the US Spends $500 Million on 5 Rebels; Will the Pope Go Beyond Rhetoric and Implement Change?; Candidates Pander to the Religious Right

June 28 - Talks Collapse as Greek Banks Run Out of Money; Assessing the "Liberal Spring"; The Pope's Call for Moral Accounting on the Environment

June 22 - A Victim of a Previous Mass Shooting in a House of Worship; "The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future"; A Sixth Mass Extinction Underway

June 17 - Fossil Fuel Republicans Alarmed by the Pope's Climate Change Encyclical; Right Wing Domestic Terrorism the Greatest Threat; Senate Ban on Torture Faces a Veto Threat

November 30 - What is Behind the Plunge in Oil Prices; Turkey's Powerful Leader and its Foreign Policy at Odds with the U.S.; Venezuela's Shaky Economy Takes a Hit as Oil Prices Fall

June 23 - The General Jails Journalists then gets U.S. Aid; Who Secretly Taped the Polish Politicians?; The Pope puts a Target on his Back