April 11 - Paul Ryan's Personal Versus His Public Morality; Trump Threatens Russia With Schoolboy Taunts; Zuckerberg Faces Tougher Questions Before the House Today

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Part 1

We begin with the announcement today by the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that he will leave the congress when his term ends in January and speak with a long-time analyst of politics in Wisconsin Matthew Rothschild, the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign who was previously the editor and publisher of The Progressive magazine in Madison, Wisconsin.  He joins us to discuss how Ryan makes much of his personal morality which does not translate into public morality since Ryan has never made a stand in the face of Trump’s manifest moral turpitude, racism, misogyny and flagrant dishonesty, and how the deficit hawk exploded the debt with his tax cuts for the rich while this paragon of family values allowed a reprobate Trump to capture the GOP.  With Ryan announcing today that he is resigning because he wants to spend more time with his kids, we examine the obvious hypocrisy of this Ayn Rand acolyte’s determination to cut programs that allow other parents to spend more time with their kids. We also assess the chances of Randy Bryce, the Democratic challenger hoping to unseat Ryan, and Ryan’s Republican challenger, the neo-Nazi and anti-Semite Paul Nehlin.

Part 2

Then with Trump threatening Russia with schoolboy taunts as he promises to rain missiles and bombs down on Syria, we examine the possibility of a wider confrontation with Russia breaking out as Trump assembles a coalition of the willing to soon mount a major attack on the Assad regime. Nicholas Heras, a Middle East expert and former Andrew Bacevich USA Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, joins us to discuss whether Russia’s threat to attack American missiles and their “carriers” will mean that U.S. and coalition aircraft will be targeted and navy ships in the Mediterranean will be fired upon.

Part 3

Then finally we look into the grilling today of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and speak with Siva Vaidhyanathan, Professor of Media Studies and Director of the Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia and author of the forthcoming book “Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy”. He joins us to assess whether the questions today were more targeted, tech-savvy and aggressive than what Zuckerberg faced in yesterday’s contrition and apology tour before the senate.