December 19 - Is Putin's Trump's Case Officer and Trump Putin's Asset?; A Patriotic Millionaire Protests the Latest Giveaway to the Rich; Why Does the US Support the Blatant Theft of the Recent Election in Honduras?

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July 20 - Erdogan Purges With a Vengeance; New Jersey Takes a Backseat to Chris Christie's Blind Ambition; The Vulnerability of 131 American B61 Nuclear Bombs in Turkey and Europe

July 17 - Inside the Declassified 28 Pages on the Saudi Role in 9/11; Erdogan Calls the Failed Military Coup "A Gift From God"; The Amateur Theatrics Surrounding Trump's Pick for VP

September 11 - The Complexities and Contradictions about to Embroil Us in Syria and Iraq; Why Americans Choose War; The Other 9/11