September 5 - Former Speechwriter on Clinton's Speech Tonight; Jim Hightower on Progressive Patriotism; Syrian Refugees Swamp Jordan

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Part 1

We first go to the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and speak with President Clinton’s former speechwriter, Paul Glastris, to get a sense of what the still popular former President might deliver tonight in his keynote speech. paul glastris


Part 2

Then the popular, populist radio commentator Jim Hightower joins us. He along with 20 prominent Democrats wrote an open letter to the Democratic leadership, “How Democrats Can Get Back on Offense” and we discuss the letter and how it was received, as well as review the First Lady’s widely praised speech and what former President Bill Clinton will bring to the convention tonight.

jim hightower


Part 3

Then finally, following the announcement by the UN that over 100,000 refugees fled Syria in the month of August, we speak with Jillian Schwedler, a specialist on Jordan where most of the Syria refugees are ending up in UNHCR tents in the blistering, hot desert. We get a sense of how the fragile kingdom is handling the on-going humanitarian disaster next door, and how Jordan is still coping with the massive influx of refugees from the last war in Iraq.

julian shweddler
  MUSIC: Jim O' Rourke - Please Patronize our Sponsers; Bonnet - Let's Get Organized; Dirty Projectors - No More; Tom Petty - Refugee