September 4 - Can Obama Re-awaken the Youth Vote?; Does Obama's Foreign Policy Success Count?; The Black Money Behind the Reverend Moon's Cult

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Part 1

We begin with David Halperin, a former White House speechwriter and senior policy advisor for Howard Dean who was counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee. We discuss the challenge Obama faces in reviving and reawakening the youth vote and the extent to which trying to ease the growing burden of student loans and extending healthcare coverage will activate the dormant student movement. david halperin


Part 2

Then we go to the Democratic convention in Charlotte and speak with Colin Kahl, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and advisor to the Barack Obama Presidential campaign about what role foreign policy, which was barely mentioned by Romney and Ryan in Tampa, will play at the Democratic convention. Since national security, which has traditionally been a Democratic weakness, is considered one of this president’s greatest strengths, we look into how much it counts when jobs and the economy are on most people’s minds.

colin kahl


Part 3

Then finally, with Monday’s death of the right-wing Korean cult leader the Reverend Moon, we examine the shadowy connection of black money behind the Unification Church which was founded with the help of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. Steven Hassan, a former member of the “Moonie” cult who is now the founder of the Freedom of the Mind Resource Center, joins us to discuss how Moon and his shadowy backers helped fund the Christian Right in this country.

steve hassan
  MUSIC: Arcade Fire - Wake Up; Lead Belly - Down By The Riverside; Wilco - Theologians; The Beatles - Think For Yourself