January 9, 2011 - Shooting in Arizona, Southern Sudan, "How to Deal with the Plutocrats"

Part 1 Writer David Abie Morales of the Tucson Citizen and the Three Sonorans and Gregory McNamee talk with Ian about the situation in Arizona following the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords
Part 2 Susan Purdin, the International Rescue Committee's Country Director for Southern Sudan, on the phone from Juba, Sudan to discuss the referendum on independence. [Note: Delays and poor audio quality due to the international phone lines.]
Part 3 Felix Salmon and Ian talk about the issues raised by Salmon's article, "How to Deal with the Plutocrats."

January 6, 2011 - Scalia and the Activist Supreme Court; Iran; California's Prospects


Part 1

Dahlia Lithwick, who covers the Supreme Court and judicial issues for Newsweek and Slate.com, talks about Scalia's lecture to the House, Citizen's United, and the right-wing, activist Supreme Court.

Part 2

Daniel Brumberg, Georgetown University professor and advisor to the U.S. Institute of Peace, puts Iran's current situation into context.

Part 3

Mark Paul, co-author of California Crackup, gives his analysis of the state's current political situation.

January 5, 2011 - 112th Congress; Representative Issa; What Europe Does Right

Journalist and political analyst Marc Sandalow puts the new Congress into perspective.

Mark Walker, who covers Darrell Issa's home district, discusses the newly powerful Congressman.

Steven Hill, author of Europe's Promise and just back from a European speaking tour, talks about what Europe does right.

January 4, 2011 - Pakistan; Facebook & Goldman Sachs; "Haves and Have-Nots"


Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain, former US ambassador to Pakistan, discusses recent events in that country.

Erick Schonfeld, co-editor of Techcrunch.com, examines the Goldman Sachs investment in Facebook.

Economist Branko Milanovic talks about inequality and his new book, The Haves and the Have-Nots: A Short and Idiosyncratic History of Global Inequality .