March 6 - Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders

Ian discusses the state of the economy with Robert Reich, as well has his new book: Aftermath: The Next Economy and America's Future

Robert Reich

Senator Bernie Sanders discusses a range of topics with Ian, including his brand new book: The Speech

Bernie Sanders

Feb 27 - Uprising in Libya; Micah Sifry on WikiLeaks; William K. Black on "Inside Job"



Ian Masters speaks with Libyan born humanitarian Omar Turbi on the conflicts currently taking place in Libya. Turbi promotes democracy and dialogue in the Arab world and Arab-American community.


Micah Sifry discusses his new book, Wikileaks and the Age of Transparency.  He is an expert on issue related to technology and politics.  His new book puts WikiLeaks into a broader perspective. 


William K. Black, who was responsible for putting people in jail after the S & L debacle, talks with Ian Masters about the Academy Award winning movie, Inside Job.  

Feb 25 - Bill Leuders on Gov. Walker's "Koch Brother" Prank Call and the Right-Wing Republican Agenda

Bill Leuders, news editor of Isthmus, Madison, Wisconsin's alternative weekly, discusses the call that pranked Governor Scott Walker and analyzes the right-wing Republican agenda for both Wisconsin and the entire nation. Madison Protest

Feb 23 - Dirk Vandewalle on Libya; Dani Rodrik, author of The Globalization Paradox

Dirk Vandewalle, Dartmouth professor and author of A History of Modern Libya, discusses the situation in Libya. Dirk Vandewalle
Dani Rodrik, professor of International Political Economy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, talks about his new book, The Globalization Paradox. Dani Rodrik