October 4 - Obstructing Obama With a Short-Handed Supreme Court; Former Secretary of Defense Perry on Growing Nuclear Dangers; Could Pence Make Trump More Palatable?

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Part 1

We begin with the short-handed Supreme Court returning to work this week and President Obama’s article in The Huffington Post “Republican Obstruction is Undermining the Supreme Court” in which Obama accuses the Republican Congress of trading partisanship for progress on a range of issues that would rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, create jobs, combat the opioid epidemic and deal with poverty.  Eric Segall, a Professor of Law at Georgia State University School of Law and author of “Supreme Myths: Why the Supreme Court is not a Court and its Justices are not Judges”, joins us to discuss how Senate Majority Leader McConnell is defying the constitution in as much as it does not say a president is only able to govern for the first three years of a four year term. But while it has been 202 days since Obama nominated a replacement for the late Justice Scalia, Eric Segall argues that an eight member court’s rulings on most issues would be preferable to a nine member court that brought us Citizens United and gutted the Voting Rights Act.


Part 2

Then we speak with the former Secretary of Defense, William Perry who is Professor Emeritus at Stanford University where he serves as director of the Preventative Defense Project. The author of “My Journey at the Nuclear Brink”, he joins us to discuss his article in The New York Times “Why it is Safe to Scrap America’s ICBM’s” and the launch of the William J. Perry Project, the first free online course on nuclear weapons, “Living at the Nuclear Brink”. We also look into the dangers of accidental nuclear war and the wrong direction that Obama’s $ trillion nuclear modernization program is taking us, in particular the destabilizing new nuclear-tipped cruise missile.

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Part 3

Then finally, just before the Vice-Presidential candidates first and only debate is about to begin, Marjorie Hershey, who teaches Political Science at Indiana University, joins us to discuss how, while Senator Tim Kaine might try to tie Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence to Donald Trump, this may actually help the Republican ticket. She argues that because Pence can appear to be more reasonable, he will assuage voters who might be unsettled by Trump’s antics by showing that a Vice President Pence who will be actually running the country while Trump makes speeches and promotes his brand, will be a steady hand on the reins of power.

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