October 31 - The "Car Guy's" Desperate Lies; Reality Pushes Back Against Global Warming Deniers; The "Safe State/ Swing State" Strategy

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Part 1

We begin with Michigan, the critical state which, Obama’s campaign advisor David Axelrod has vowed if they lose it, he will shave off his mustache. The former governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm joins us to discuss the willfully dishonest ads the Romney campaign are running claiming Detroit is moving production to China, which have prompted angry denials from the heads of GM and Chrysler. Governor Granholm has an article at The Huffington Post “Ohioans Won’t Be Fooled By ‘Car Guy’s’ Desperate Car Lies”. grantholm


Part 2

Then we speak with an insurance expert Jeffrey Stempel, Professor of Law at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’s School of Law where he teaches insurance law. We discuss the growing losses insurers are experiencing from monster storms like Andrew, Katrina, Irene and now Sandy, and how much Wall Street which was just flooded, and the insurance giants, will recognize the economic reality of global warming and push back against the deniers funded by big oil and coal.



Part 3

Then finally, we speak with Jeff Cohen the founder of the media watch group FAIR and the co-founder of RootsAction.org who have launched a “safe state/swing state” voting strategy to enable progressives to signal their displeasure with establishment candidates while avoiding helping elect their worst possible nightmare. As happened in Florida in 2000, with Ralph Nader helping elect George W. Bush.

  MUSIC: Sufjan Stevens - Say Yes to Michigan!; The Eagles - Lying Eyes; Xavier Rudd - Messages; Velvet Underground - I Found a Reason