October 30 - A Former Federal Prosecutor on the FBI Director's Partisan Hit on Hillary Clinton; The Press Enables the Comey / Republican Hit on Hillary; An International Alt-Right Comintern

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Part 1

We begin with the extraordinarily brazen partisan act by the FBI Director James Comey who, with a little over a week before the election, appears to be smearing Hillary Clinton trying to tie her to an investigation into sexting by the disgraced former Congressman Antony Weiner, to revive the Clinton email scandal with unsupported innuendo which the Republicans have fed to the press and Donald Trump is blowing up into what he is calling a crime “worse than Watergate”. Nick Akerman, who served as a federal prosecutor and was an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York as well as an Assistant Special Watergate Prosecutor and is now a nationally recognized expert on computer crime and the protection of sensitive information, joins us. We discuss the glaring double standard with Comey claiming he cannot reveal information about the on-going FBI investigations into Russian interference in our election and Russian connections to the Trump campaign, but feels compelled to alert key Republican House and Senate Committee Chairmen to implicate Hillary Clinton without providing any evidence that she is connected to a tangential investigation.

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Part 2

Then we speak with Lisa Graves, who served as a senior advisor in all three branches of government, as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department, a Chief Counsel for Nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and as a Deputy Chief for the U.S. Courts. She joins us to discuss the right wing culture at the FBI and the role of Jason Chaffetz, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who first leaked the bogus connection between the FBI’s Weiner investigation and Hillary Clinton’s email server, feeding the press who dutifully went along with the lie that Comey was reopening the Clinton email investigation.

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Part 3

Then finally we discuss the international alt-right Comintern that the Kremlin through its propaganda arm RT is funding around the world with great success having helped Nigel Farage pull off the “Brexit” vote and now, with Farage a close advisor to Donald Trump, not just hacking our election to help Trump but possibly bringing the U.S., along with the U.K., France and Hungary into an alt-right international orbit that Putin is manipulating. A former Senior House and Senate Staffer, Mike Lofgren, the author of “The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government”, joins us to discuss Putin’s efforts to weaken America by having Trump elected and how Comey and the Republicans appear to be going along with the plan.

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