October 29 - The Super Storm Makes Landfall; Romney's Hidden Ground Game; The Death Penalty and Wrongful Imprisonment

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Full Program



Part 1

First we go to New York and get an update on the super storm making landfall on the north east coast right now. Phil Aroneanu, the U.S. Campaign Director and Co-founder of 350.org joins us. On Sunday he, Bill McKibben and other activists unfurled a giant banner “END CLIMATE SILENCE” in Times Square. Also joining us is Joseph Nevins who teaches geography at Vasser College. He has an article at Al Jazeera “Ecological Crisis and the Need to Challenge the 20 per cent”.




Part 2

Then we speak with The Nation Institute investigative reporter Lee Fang about the dark money fueling the Romney Campaign and their massive phone banks targeting the swing states that could overcome the supposed advantage the Obama campaign has in terms of their ground game in Ohio and other critical races. We look into the hidden role of the oligarchs and corporations who do not have to reveal the extent or the means with which they are supporting the Romney campaign.



Part 3

Then finally we speak about California’s Proposition 34 that will ban the death penalty and if passed, very likely have considerable national implications for ending capitol punishment. We speak with Bruce Lisker who at the age of 17, was wrongfully convicted of murdering his mother. Bruce spent 26 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and barely avoided the death penalty. Thanks to investigative journalism by the Los Angeles Times he was exonerated and is now suing the LAPD. lisker
  MUSIC: Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning; DJ Shadow - Why Hip Hop Sucks in 96'; Bob Dylan - I Shall be Released