October 22 - How Much Does Foreign Policy Matter?; What You Won't Hear Tonight; Sorting Out the Polls

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Part 1

Ahead of tonight’s third and final presidential debate on foreign policy, we begin with a discussion of how much foreign policy matters in this election and how much the candidates might steer their answers towards domestic issues. David Rothkopf, the Editor-at-Large for Foreign Policy magazine joins us. He has an article at Foreign Policy “How Foreign Policy Came to Matter in This Election”. rothkopf


Part 2

Then Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Stephen Walt joins us. He has an article at Foreign Policy.com “Top Ten Questions You Won’t Hear at Tonight’s Debate” and we examine the issues likely to be overlooked since the debate will probably be dominated by China-bashing and further recriminations that the Romney campaign have seized upon over what happened at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
stephen walt


Part 3

Then finally we try to make sense of the latest polls with Margie Omero, the president and founder of Momentum Analysis, a Democratic public opinion research firm whose clients include Democratic candidates, party committees and non-profits. We examine the divergent polls to try to determine the likely outcome of an election that has narrowed but still seems to give the incumbent an advantage in the Electoral College. margie