October 21- Remembering George McGovern; In Spite of Romney's Surge, Will Obama Still Win?; Now a Political Football, a Reality Check on Libya

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Part 1

We begin with the news of the death today of George McGovern and speak with Richard Parker who was a political advisor to the former Democratic presidential nominee who in 1972 lost to Richard Nixon. We discuss McGovern’s life and legacy and whether a candidate of the left like McGovern could be elected in today’s right wing political and media environment. richard parker


Part 2

Then we look at the polls that are all over the place and talk with someone who has accurately predicted the winner of the all the past presidential elections since 1984. The Distinguished Professor of History at American University Allan Lichtman joins us to discuss why in spite of Romney’s surge in the polls, he feels Obama will still be re-elected to a second term.

allan lichtman


Part 3

Then finally, following the death of American diplomats in Libya, a tragic incident that has been blown up into a presidential election issue, we speak with Abubaker Saad, a former Libyan diplomat from Benghazi. We discuss the chaos that has become a political football in a country that is essentially lawless, with groups on militias and tribes vying over regional control with little to no national army or police.