October 19 - The Trump-Ailes-Bannon Alt-Right Post-Election Alternative to Fox News; Will the Trump Post-Election Movement Involve Violence?; How Will Sexual Harassment Be Handles in the Upcoming Debate?

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Part 1

We begin with the third and final presidential debate coming up in one hour from now and examine the very real possibility that only one of the candidates is running for president while the other is preparing to lead a post-presidential political movement that will be built around a new right wing propaganda platform that Trump’s close advisers former Fox News head Roger Ailes and Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon will run. An alt-right version of Fox News aimed at activating a new Tea Party movement that will be at war with Hillary Clinton’s Administration starting on November 9. Peter Dreier, the Distinguished Professor of Politics at Occidental College and author of “The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social Justice Hall of Fame”, joins us to preview the debate and discuss the Trump-Ailes-Bannon post-election strategy of creating a slash and burn scorched earth media blowtorch that will fan the flames of dissent and agitate 24/7 to cripple Hillary Clinton’s presidency from day one.


Part 2

Then we look at another aspect of how the Trump campaign could evolve into a continuing political movement, not in terms of rhetoric and propaganda, but in actions that could result in violence. Spencer Sunshine, a researcher who studies white nationalism, post-war fascism, left/right crossover movements and left-wing anti-Semitism, joins us to discuss a report he just released at Political Research Associates “Up in Arms: A Guide to Oregon’s Patriot Movement” and the likelihood of Trump’s more extreme supporters heeding his call to show up at the polls to stop the election from being stolen. We also assess whether armed and angry far right followers of Trump will act on their belief that the election was rigged against their candidate whose loss they will not accept.

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Part 3

Then finally we speak with Marilyn Katz, a writer and long-time political activist who is a partner in Democracy Partners. She has an article at The Huffington Post, “Sexual Harassment Is a Man’s Problem Not a Woman’s” and we discuss how both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will handle the question that is likely to come up in the debate about Donald Trump’s recent statements caught on video in which he proudly condones sexual harassment as a privilege that celebrities enjoy allowing him to grab a women’s genitals on first introduction instead of shaking their hand.   

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