October 19 - The Austerity Trap; Student Debt at One Trillion!; Drone Wars Coming Soon

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Part 1

We begin with the former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and discuss the austerity trap that the economy is stuck in with political gridlock and election politics digging the hole deeper.  However there is some reason to hope that as the powerful and privileged one percent try to take us back to the Gilded Age, a movement forming might rally the nation to reclaim the American Dream for the 99%. Robert Riech


Part 2

Then we look into the shameful growth of student debt that will reach one trillion dollars this year. David Halperin, who is the director of Campus Progress at the Center for American Progress joins us to explain the increasing debt load students are now burdened with as they face a shrinking jobs market, and how lobbyists for the for-profit college industry have managed to get Congress to have taxpayer money charged back to unwitting students at exorbitant rates for a worthless education and a useless diploma. David Halperin


Part 3

Then finally we talk about drone warfare and the inevitable blowback that will come as the U.S. loses its technological edge and other nations develop their own drones. David Cortwright, the Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame University joins us to discuss the future implications of the proliferation of remote-control killing machines. David Cortwright


Part 4

Then finally we speak with Robert Greenwald a producer, director and political activist. He is the founder of Brave New Films. We discuss his new documentary, "The Koch Brothers Exposed," which sheds light on the toxic harm that the Koch Brothers are inflicting on this country.

Robert Greenwald