October 18 - The "Perversion Files" and Romney's Biggest Donor's Efforts to Stop the Exposé; China-bashing as Their Middle Class Grows and Ours Shrinks; Stopping the Serial Killer Leading Sudan

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Part 1

We begin with the release today of the so-called “perversion files” that the Oregon Supreme Court forced the Boy Scouts of America to make public. Peter Zuckerman, who broke the story of child sex abuse in the Boy Scouts for the Idaho Falls Post Register joins us. Peter was hounded by Idaho’s richest man who tried to stop publication of the expose by outing the reporter and his partner. That man, Frank VanderSloot, is now one of Mitt Romney’s biggest donors and the National Finance Committee co-chair of the Romney for President Campaign. peter zuckerman


Part 2

Then we examine the China-bashing that went on in the last presidential debate with Clyde Prestowitz, who is the former counselor to the Secretary of Commerce and the founder and president of the Economic Strategy Institute. We discuss why China’s middle class is growing and ours is shrinking and Clyde Prestowitz’s article at CNN “Can iPhones and iPads be Made in the USA?”

clyde prestowitz


Part 3

Then finally we discuss the likely outbreak of a war between the world’s newest country South Sudan and its northern neighbor Sudan, that is run by a serial killer General Omar al Bashir, the only world leader indicted by the International Criminal Court. David Phillips, the Director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights at Columbia University’s Institute For the Study of Human Rights and author of the new eBook “Liberating Kosovo: Coercive Diplomacy and U.S. Intervention” joins us.

david phillips