November 6 - A Dark Money Dump in California; The Progressive Dilemma; Paul Ryan's Judeo-Christian Dog Whistle

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Part 1

We begin with the last-minute influx of dark money to support a venal and misleading so-called “political reform“ proposition on the California ballot. Derek Cressman, the Vice President for State Operations for Common Cause joins us to discuss efforts to prevent anonymous billionaires from buying the election with eleven million dollars that has been laundered through a series of fronts that appears to have the fingerprints of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. derek cressman


Part 2

Then we speak with Matthew Rothschild, the Editor of The Progressive magazine, published in Madison Wisconsin, where President Obama and Bruce Springsteen held a final campaign rally yesterday. We discuss the division and dilemma amongst progressives who want to voice their opposition to the president’s policies without helping elect a reactionary representative of the one percent who is beholden to Tea Party extremists.



Part 3

Then finally we try to interpret Paul Ryan’s charge that President Obama is putting America “on a dangerous path that compromises Judeo-Christian Western Civilization values”.  Sarah Posner, Senior Editor at Religion Dispatches joins us to discuss last-minute attempts to whip up religious fervor amongst Christian fundamentalists to vote against their nemesis, the Anti-Christ Barack Hussein Obama.

  MUSIC: The Beatles - Money (That's What I Want); Flaming Lips - Waitin' for a Superman; Sonic Youth - Do You Believe in Rapture