November 30 - An Urgent Call for Intervention as Trump Loses Touch with Reality; Musical Chairs in the Trump Cabinet; Having Bought the US Government, the Koch Brothers Will Now Be Able to Deduct it as an Expense

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Part 1

We begin with growing indications that President Trump is exhibiting signs of dementia in addition to his obvious lack of impulse control, and get an assessment of if and when concerns expressed by White House insiders will lead to an intervention under the 25th Amendment. Dr. Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist on the faculty of the Yale School of Medicine who was the lead organizer of the Duty to Warn conference at Yale University out of which the best-selling book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President”, which Dr. Lee edited, emerged, joins us. We discuss growing evidence that Trump is losing touch with reality and how his marked signs of volatility and attraction to violence could lead to a nuclear war with North Korea, and her call for an urgent psychiatric evaluation of the president by an independent panel of experts before he reaches for the nuclear button.
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Part 2

Then we look into the rumored musical chairs about to take place in the Trump cabinet with the CIA Director Mike Pompeo elevated to head up the State Department once Rex Tillerson either quits or is fired, a shuffle which is likely to result in Republican freshman Senator Tom Cotton replacing Pompeo at the CIA. We speak with Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld, a senior associate in the Democracy and Rule of Law Program at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace who was appointed to the Foreign Affairs Policy Board, the advisory body to the U.S. State Department. She joins us to discuss the likelihood that there will be little change in U.S. foreign policy which will continue to be damaging to the U.S. and dangerous for the world as long as Trump remains in the Oval Office.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with the author of a new report at Public Citizen, “The Koch Government: How the Koch Brothers Agenda has influenced the Trump Administration”. Alan Zibel, research director of Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency Project joins us to discuss the extent to which the Koch Brothers have been the main beneficiaries of what the Trump Administration has achieved so far and now are poised to be rewarded mightily by the so-called tax reform bill which eliminates restrictions on tax exempt foundations engaging in politics, meaning that the Kochs will soon be able to deduct the expense they incurred buying the U,S. government.

Alan Zibel