November 30 - Nancy Pelosi's Reelection as a Leader of a Party Needing New Leadership; Steven Mnuchin's Amazing Raid on the Treasury; Obama's Climate Change Legacy Undercut by the US Export-Import Bank

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Part 1

We begin with the re-election of Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the House Democrats who beat back a challenge from Tim Ryan, a younger Democratic congressman from the heart of the rustbelt who represents Youngstown, Ohio. Marc Sandalow, the Associate Academic Director of the University of California Washington Program and author of “Madame Speaker: Nancy Pelosi’s Life, Times, and Rise to Power”, joins us to discuss the 134 to 63 vote and the age gap of the top three House Democrats who are all in their seventies, compared to the House Republican leadership of Paul Ryan at 46 and Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise both 51. With Trump’s narrow victory over Clinton coming from the rust belt states, we look into the charge that the Democrats have become a party of the “coastal elites” and have neglected the heartland that used to be their blue-collar base.

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Part 2

Then we examine the business reputation of Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, whose wealth appears to be derived from massive corporate welfare as a result of a vulture capitalist feast on the carcass of the 2008 Wall Street crash. After which Mnuchin bought a bailed-out bank for pennies on the dollar then aggressively foreclosed1 on tens of thousands of families using robot-signing of dubious liars-loan documents. Saied Kashani, a lawyer whose clients included the largest private homebuilders in California and litigated extensively against Mnuchin’s OneWest Bank, joins us. Saied acquired numerous private agreements between the government and the owners of OneWest through court orders and the Freedom of Information Act and we discuss Mnuchin’s amazing raid on the U.S. Treasury that he will now be in charge of.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with Michael Gerrard, the Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the Chair of the Faculty of Columbia University’s Earth Institute. He joins us to discuss a new study by The Guardian and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism’s Energy & Environmental Reporting Project that finds the Obama Administration’s climate change legacy has been undercut by the Administration’s own U.S. Export-Import Bank which poured billions into fossil-fuel projects, erasing gains from Obama’s clean power plan and fuel efficiency standards.