November 21 - Will Trump's White Working Class Voters Be Seduced and Abandoned?; Will the Alt-Right, as They Claim, Change the World?; A Remnant of the Old South In Charge of Protecting Our Rights

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Part 1

We begin with the ambitious to-do list the Republican Congress has with plans to hit the ground running early next year and actually make House members work Monday through Friday (instead of the three day weeks they are used to) enacting an aggressive agenda to overturn Obama’s rules and programs by repealing a host of regulations at once instead of one at a time under current law. Robert Johnson, the Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, who was previously the Chief Economist of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and Budget Committee, joins us to discuss how the white working class bought into Trump’s right wing narrative that the downsizing and loss of jobs in the rust belt is a result of the influx of immigrants, government regulations and unions and that once those enemies are defeated, good jobs will return to the industrial heartland.

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Part 2

Then we look into Saturday’s celebration in Washington by white nationalists of the alt-right basking in Donald Trump’s victory which they see as the first step towards a white ethno-state in North America. Adele Stan, a Washington D.C.-based journalist who covers the intersection of religion and politics and is a weekly columnist for The American Prospect, joins us to discuss the event’s press conference at which Richard Spencer, the head of a white nationalist think tank, prevented journalists from taking pictures of the attendees while claiming that the alt-right is going to change the world.  

Part 3

Then finally we examine the record of the man praised by the alt-right’s Spencer who is thrilled by the prospect that in the Trump Administration, Jeff Sessions will “be at such a high level is a wonderful thing…in terms of not prosecuting federal diversity and fair housing”. Garrett Epps, a contributing writer at The Atlantic and a Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore School of Law joins us to discuss his article at The Atlantic “The Signal Sent by Picking Jeff Sessions for Attorney General” and why this reflects the brazen nature of the racist and divisive campaign Donald Trump ran which is now placing a remnant of the old South in charge of enforcing our laws and protecting our rights.

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