November 15 - BP gets a Slap on the Wrist; A Silver Lining in a Cloud of Scandal; Fixing our Broken Elections

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Part 1

We begin with the four billion dollar settlement the Justice Department announced with BP for obstruction of justice and lying to Congress over the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history. Tyson Slocum, the Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program joins us to discuss this paltry slap on the wrist for BP which will hardly deter criminally negligent behavior of a corporation responsible for 15 deaths in a 2005 refinery explosion and 11 deaths is the 2010 blowout in the Gulf. tyson slocum


Part 2

Then we look into the extent that the downfall of General Petraeus affords President Obama an opportunity to install new civilian leadership at the CIA and in his national security team that has been deferential to, if not dominated by, military officers. Former CIA veteran, Melvin Goodman, a Senior Fellow at the Center For International Policy and author of “Failure of Intelligence: the Decline and Fall of the CIA” joins us to discuss the silver lining in this cloud of scandal.

melvin goodman


Part 3

Then finally, as votes are still being counted in Arizona, we get an analysis of our broken electoral system from Steven Hill, the co-founder of Fair Vote. We discuss the overwhelming need to reform the state-by-state hodgepodge of partisan and unprofessionally-run elections that enable both Republicans and Democrats to game and rig results, while stifling the opportunity for third parties to participate on a level playing field.

steven hill