May 24 - Confusion Over Ballots in California; Iraq's Continuing Agony; Theater of the Absurd on Capitol Hill

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Part 1

We begin with the confusion over ballots in California’s upcoming June 7 primary which has some supporters of Bernie Sanders crying foul since those independents who registered to vote with a “no party preference” or NPP ballot have received their vote-by-mail ballot that has no presidential candidate listed. Since supporters of Bernie Sanders have already sued in federal court to have the registration deadline that passed on Monday May 22nd, extended until Election Day as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battle it out until the end for the big delegate prize in California, we try to clear the air. California State Senator Ben Allen, the Chair of the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee, and Deborah Seiler, the former registrar of voters for San Diego County join us to discuss how many independents have registered with the American Independent Party founded in the 1960’s by the racist George Wallace, and how some of the parties themselves have created the confusion by not allowing NPP voters to request their party’s presidential ballot or participate in their presidential primary election.


Part 2

Then we examine the latest battle for Fallujah underway in Iraq which has the U.N. warning that 10,000 civilians trapped in the city are at risk while another 10,000 of the approximately 100,000 residents have already been killed. Iraqi-born Raed Jarrar, the Government Relations Manager at the American Friends Service Committee in Washington D.C. joins us to discuss the continuing suffering of the Iraqi people in this endless war started by the Bush/Cheney Administration which has yet to be held to account.

Raed Jarrar, AFSC

Part 3

Then finally we look into the theatre of the absurd on Capitol Hill where today Republican congressmen used a Judiciary Committee hearing to push for the impeachment of the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with Congressman Darrell Issa fuming because the head of the IRS had not shown up and spitefully preventing the Democrats from reading the Commissioner’s testimony into the record. Bob McIntyre, the Director of Citizens for Tax Justice, joins us to discuss the determination of Tea Party anti-government zealots to impeach the head of the IRS to cripple the government they hate, even though their colleagues in the Senate want nothing to do with the House’s impeachment theatrics.