May 22 - The Corrupt Power and Privilege of the PRI Returns to Mexico; The Talk by Nick Hanauer TED Withheld; Nick Hanauer on Cultivating "The Gardens of Democracy".

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Part 1

We begin with the portent that a criminal regime will soon take over in Mexico, and speak with John Ackerman, a professor at the Institute for Legal Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a columnist for Proceso Magazine and La Jornada newspaper. We discuss the frontrunner in the July first presidential elections, the PRI candidate Enrique Pena Nieto, who apparently is corrupt, has authoritarian tendencies and is, according to the late Carlos Fuentes, too ignorant to be president of Mexico. john ackerman


Part 2


Then we hear the speech that the conference forum TED (Technology – Entertainment – Design) did not want to release to the public because they considered it too controversial in a political year, but were forced to do so by popular demand, making it available at where it has since gone viral.

The banned then unbanned speaker, Nick Hanauer, a serial entrepreneur who was the first non-family investor in, joins us to share his ideas about what is wrong with American capitalism and how to fix it. A member of the 1%, his arguments eviscerate Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s trickle-down economic ideology and budget plans that insist the wealthy should not be taxed because they are the job creators. Nick Hanauer is the author of the new book “The Gardens of Democracy”.

nick hanauer