May 13 - The "Dead Wrong" Wall Street Banker and Dodd-Frank; Will the Eurozone Unravel Before the Elections?; An African-American Theologian on Same-Sex Marriage and the Black Church

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Part 1

We begin with the latest scandal on Wall Street, the two to three billion dollar bad bet that JP Morgan Chase made which has forced the CEO Jamie Dimon to admit his previous dismissal of concerns about the bank’s trading practices were “dead wrong”.  Sue Craig, who covered JP Morgan Chase and the other big Wall Street banks for the Wall Street Journal and is now with the New York Times, joins us. susanne craig


Part 2

Then, with Greece in a political crisis and unable to form a government, we examine the possibility of a Greek default and exit from the Euro with Dimitri Papadimitriou, the President of the Levy Economics Institute. We  discuss the growing likelihood of a cascading crisis in the Eurozone with Greece teetering and increasing doubts about the solvency of Spanish banks likely to have an impact on the U.S. elections if the European Central Bank can’t kick the can down the road before November.

dimitri papadimitriou


Part 3

Then finally we speak with Dr. Obery Hendricks, a visiting Scholar in Religion and African American Studies at Columbia University and the author of a new book  “The Universe Bends Toward Justice: Radical Reflections on the Bible, the Church and the Body Politic”. We discuss the impact of President Obama’s recent acceptance of same-sex marriage in the Black Church and the broader African-American community.

obery hendricks
  MUSIC: Al Jolson - Sitting On Top Of The World; Caberet - Money; Radiohead - Dollars and Cents; Etta James - Swing Low Sweet Chariot