March 9 - Trump and Sanders in the Year of the Outsider; Sanders' Chances of Winning the Next Prize, Ohio; Finally the Colossus to the South Pays Attention to its Neighbor to the North

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of this the political year of the outsider, as Bernie Sanders surprises the pollsters, pundits and Hillary Clinton in Michigan and Donald Trump steamrollers towards the Republican presidential nomination crushing his opponents while defying the Republican establishment as he cowers and controls the press. Thomas Ferguson, professor emeritus of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts and a contributing editor for The Nation joins us to discuss this boiling electoral brew of disgust with politics and politicians and who best could blunt Trump’s drive to landing that prime property and piece of a real estate at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Part 2

Then with momentum coming out of his upset win in Michigan, we  look into Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the next big prize Ohio, then Illinois, and speak with an expert on elections and the Electoral College, Robert Alexander, the Chair of the Department of History, Politics and Justice and a professor of political science at Ohio Northern University. He joins us to discuss the similar conditions of vanishing manufacturing jobs that exist in the industrial states of Ohio and Illinois that have catapulted Bernie Sanders to victory in Michigan in spite of a similar double digit deficit in the polls.

Part 3

Then finally, with the colossus to the south finally paying some attention to its neighbor to the north, we discuss the state visit by Canada’s handsome young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Cleo Paskal, a visiting Trudeau Fellow at the University of Montreal’s Center for International Studies. She joins us to address concerns Canadians have that the election of Donald Trump will cause Americans to flood into Canada and short of that, how Canadians would feel if a fellow Canadian, Ted Cruz, ended up in the White House. 

Cleo Paskal