March 5 - A Special Broadcast from Capitol Hill on the Possibility of the Supreme Court Gutting the Affordable Care Act

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Full Program



Part 1

Today we continue with a special broadcast from Capitol Hill and begin with Sister Simone Campbell, the Executive Director of network who led the Nuns on the Bus tour in the last two elections. We discuss the fate of the Affordable Care Act and also the poisonous nature of politics here on Capitol Hill.


Part 2

Then we hear from David Halperin, a Senior Fellow at Republic Report, a former White House speech writer and a former special assistant to Pres. Bill Clinton on the National Security Council and the former counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee. We talk to him about General Petraeus’ slap on the wrist in terms of exposing classified material which he gave to his mistress. We also look into Hillary Clinton's emails and the extent to which that is a scandal on which the Republicans can seize.


Part 3

Then we speak with veteran White House Correspondent Eleanor Clift, a contributor to the Daily Beast and regular on the TV talk show the The McLaughlin Group. We talk to her about what has been going on on Capitol Hill in these last couple of days.




Part 4

Then we speak with Congressman John Sarbanes. He is a fifth term congressman serving Maryland’s third district and is on the Health Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee. We talk with him about the fate of the Affordable Care Act, which he worked hard to bring about.