March 4 - A Special Broadcast from Capitol Hill on the Possibility of the Supreme Court Gutting the Affordable Care Act

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Part 1

Today we continue with a special broadcast from Capitol Hill, just across the street from the Supreme Court where people are gathered for today's hearings on the Affordable Care Act.

We begin with Rep. Barbara Lee who is in her eighth term representing California's 13th district. She's a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and former cochair of the progressive caucus.



Part 2

Then we hear from Gretchen Borchelt, the vice president of health and reproductive rights at the National Women's Law Center. She was at the Supreme Court today where the arguments were heard for the second attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.


Part 3

Next we are joined by RepJan Schakowsky, who is in the ninth term representing Illinois’ ninth district. She helped write the Affordable Care Act. She chose not to attend Congress yesterday when Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his speech and we discuss the reasoning behind that decision


Part 4


Then we hear from Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a sixth term Congressman representing Missouri's fifth district and also the former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.


Part 5

We then speak with Dr. Manisha Sharma, a family physician.


Part 6

Finally, we hear from Wendell Potter, the former head of public relations for both CIGNA and Humana Healthcare and now a senior analyst at the Center for Public Integrity.