June 9 - "Let Bernie Be Hillary"; "There is No Trump Campaign"; Statehood For DC Where American Citizens Still Have Taxation Without Representation

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Part 1

We begin with President Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton shortly after his White House meeting with Bernie Sanders who pledged to work with Clinton to unify the Democratic Party and defeat Donald Trump. Peter Dreier, Distinguished Professor of Politics at Occidental College joins us to discuss his latest article at The Huffington Post “”Let Bernie Be Hillary” which points out that in 2008 it took Hillary Clinton a while to accept defeat and embrace Barack Obama and we also examine “A Five Point Plan for Sanders” that Peter Dreier recently wrote in The American Prospect that urges Sanders’ supporters to help Bernie build a progressive legacy.

Part 2

Then we look into whether or not Donald Trump actually has a presidential campaign and speak with David Graham, a staff writer for The Atlantic about his latest article at The Atlantic, “There Is No Trump Campaign”. We discuss not just the lack of a national Trump campaign and no state-level campaign director in the critical state of Ohio, but no fundraising organization which, with a campaign in chaos, is causing donors to close their checkbooks on a candidate who is tearing the Republican Party apart, doesn’t follow conservative orthodoxy, and seems to have no idea what he is doing on a day-to-day basis.

Part 3

Then finally, we follow on from Bernie Sanders’ remarks today at the White House after his meeting with President Obama where he called for statehood for the District of Columbia, pointing out that there are fewer people in his state of Vermont and in Wyoming than there are in D.C. Anise Jenkins, the Executive Director of the Stand up for Democracy in D.C. Coalition joins us to discuss the outrageous fact that the 700,000 American citizens who live in our nation’s capitol suffer under a regime of “taxation without representation” which was the condition that helped spark the American revolution and led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776.