June 6 - The Continuing Meltdown of the Trump Campaign; Does Germany’s Vote Fuel Turkey's Genocide Denialists?; The Brexit Vote Raises Alarms on Both Sides of the Atlantic

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Part 1

We begin with the continuing meltdown of the Trump campaign following a Bloomberg report that Trump instructed his supporters to attack the press and double down on the racist smears against the Federal judge presiding over the Trump University case who Trump refers to as a “Mexican” and a “hater”. Adele Stan, a columnist for The American Prospect, joins us to discuss the dysfunction at the heart on Trump’s campaign, or non-campaign, as the candidate strikes out at his critics with increasing stridency as his top campaign managers fight amongst themselves and leading Republican figures including a prospective running mate Newt Gingrich, distance themselves from Trump’s attacks on the judge. 

Part 2

Then we look into whether the recent historic move by the German parliament to recognize the Armenia genocide played into the hands of Turkish genocide denialists, confirming their belief that the accusations are inspired by anti-Turkish politics rather than historical truth. Nicholas Danforth, a doctoral candidate in Turkish History at Georgetown University, joins us to discuss his article at Foreign Policy “The Impeccably Bad Timing of Germany’s Armenian Genocide Vote” and what can be done to stop the unravelling of the Turkey - E.U. refugee deal and restrain President Erdogan’s increasingly autocratic rule.

Part 3

Then finally we assess the latest polls in Britain ahead of the June 23 “Brexit” vote which indicate the “Leave” vote is edging ahead of the “Remain” vote, a development that is alarming officials on both sides of the Atlantic with the Fed Chair Janet Yellen warning today of “significant economic repercussions” on U.S. markets which will be impacted by an adverse reaction in European financial markets. Harold Clarke, a Professor in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Studies at the University of Texas and co-investigator of the British Election Study at the University of Manchester, joins us to discuss the competing scare campaigns with “Remain” warning of dire economic consequences and “Leave” warning of waves of immigrants swamping England’s shores.