June 4 - Another Terrorist Attack and Blowback in the UK; Jared Kushner's Meeting With the KGB's Banker; Republican Resistance to Dealing with Domestic Terrorism

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Part 1

We begin with a second horrific terrorist attack in the U.K. that has left 7 innocents dead and 48 wounded and 3 terrorists shot dead by police with 12 more suspects arrested. Nafeez Ahmed, the editor-in-chief of Insurgeintelligence at medium.com and a weekly columnist for Middle East Eye, joins us from London to discuss his latest article at Insurgeintelligence “The Manchester Bombings as Blowback” and the role of the British Intelligence services in covertly supporting jihadist groups in Syria and Libya. We look into the handling of the 300 ISIS and Al Nusra jihadists who have returned to the U.K. after fighting in Syria and Iraq and how this latest terrorist attack is likely to impact Thursday’s election as the current Prime Minister Theresa May’s lead in the polls continues to shrink while she vows to clampdown after announcing that there has been “too much tolerance” of Islamic extremism in the U.K. Since before coming Prime Minister she was Home Secretary, Theresa May is particularly vulnerable to the same criticism that she herself is levelling.

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Part 2

Then we speak with Anders Aslund, a professor at the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. He served as a Swedish diplomat in Moscow and was an economic advisor to the government of Russia and joins us to discuss Jared Kushner’s December meeting with the head of Russia’s VEB bank that is both a private slush fund for Vladimir Putin and an asset of the Russian Intelligence services. We examine the Trump family and the Trump campaign’s murky ties to Russian money and who will emerge the winner from Trump’s war with the U.S. intelligence community.


Part 3

Then finally we look into another stabbing that was not labelled as terrorism that took place recently in Portland and speak with Daryl Johnson, the former head analyst for domestic terrorism at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He joins us to discuss the political resistance he experienced from Republican lawmakers who thwarted efforts to identify and combat the growth of white nationalist militias and terrorist groups inside the United States which he wrote about in his book “Rightwing Resurgence: How a Domestic Terrorist Threat is Being Ignored”.

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