June 30 - The Human Rights Situation in Libya; How Much is the Noose Tightening on Gaddafi?; Is the New State Budget "California Dreamin" in its Projections?

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Full Program



Part 1

First, we go to the Libyan border with Tunisia to speak with a human rights monitor who has been inside the worst battlefronts in Libya. Sidney Kwiram, who is a consultant with Human Rights Watch, joins us to describe the human rights situation in Libya that was the basis upon which the U.S. and NATO intervened with air power. Sidney Kwiram


Part 2

Then, we look further into the situation in Libya and examine the stalemate with a former Libyan diplomat who was a translator for Moammar Gaddafi, Dr. Abubaker Saad. We also try to assess the strength of the resistance inside Tripoli that indicates how much the noose is tightening on Gaddafi. Abubaker Saad


Part 3

Then we look into the state of dysfunction here in California and examine the latest budget with Mark Paul, the former deputy Treasurer of the State of California, who will assess the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of Governor Brown’s budget. We will see how much of it is “California dreamin” in terms of revenue projections. Mark Paul