June 22 - Occupy the House; Democrats Stage a Sit-In; IMF Warns of Poverty in America; The Return of Rubio in a Critical Race to Decide Who Will Control the Senate

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Part 1

We begin with the sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives by Democrats who are demanding a debate and vote on curbing gun violence in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Orlando. John Lawrence, a visiting professor at the University of California Washington Center who served as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff, joins us to discuss the open-ended sit-in led by civil rights icon Representative John Lewis and the “No Bill, No Break” strategy the Democrats are using to force the House Republican leadership to vote on gun control legislation instead of offering moments of silence and prayers for the growing numbers of Americans routinely slaughtered by mentally disturbed loners and wanna-be terrorists who find it easy to obtain military-style assault weapons, even if they are on the no-fly list of terrorism suspects.

Part 2

Then we examine the embarrassing rebuke the U.S. received from the International Monetary Fund which warned today in its annual assessment of the economy about America’s high poverty rate with one in seven Americans living in poverty, 40% of whom are working. Stephen Pimpare, the author of “A People’s History of Poverty in America” joins us to discuss the IMF’s call for the U.S. to urgently deal with its growing poverty and increasing inequality, recommending a raise in the minimum wage as well as the need to offer paid maternity leave and childcare to help poorer Americans get jobs.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with Dr. Susan MacManus, the Distinguished University Professor of Political Science at the University of South Florida and co-author of “Florida Politics”. She joins us to discuss former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s reversal on his repeated insistence that he would not pursue another term in U. S. Senate. We look into what is likely to be a critical race in Florida to determine which party controls the next senate that now has Rubio ahead in the polls while the Democrats appear divided between a centrist preferred by the party establishment Congressman Patrick Murphy who faces a challenge from a wealthy liberal opponent Congressman Alan Grayson.

Susan  MacManus