June 21 -Hillary Clinton's Take Down of Trump on His Greatest Strength, The Economy; Questioning the Effectiveness and Credibility of America's Muslim Leaders; The World Has 65.3 Million Refugees, More Than After World War II

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Part 1

We begin with the broadside that Hillary Clinton leveled at Donald Trump in a speech in Ohio that was a follow-on from her takedown of Trump as a steward of national security.  William Cohan, a former senior Wall Street investment banker and best-selling author of “Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World”, who is a columnist for the DealBook section of The New York Times, joins to discuss today’s evisceration of Trump’s business record of fraud and financial malpractice that leaves creditors, employees and service providers high and dry while Trump walks away as the only winner who profits from serial bankruptcy.  We assess whether Clinton’s speech will undo the advantage that Trump has in polls over her as a steward of the economy, which the 14 million Americans who have voted for him see as his strength and believe he will improve their lives, even though his record is disastrous and he clearly only care about himself.

Part 2

Then we look into the effectiveness and credibility of America’s Muslim leaders who appear on television after every massacre or terrorist atrocity to proclaim Islam as a religion of peace while distancing themselves from the recurring acts of terror in the name of Islam. Ani Zonneveld, the Founder and President of Muslims for Progressive Values joins us to talk about her article at The Huffington Post “Reality Check: What American Muslim Organizations Really Did For The LGBTQI Community” and discuss the extent to which ties to Saudi Wahhabism compromise the credibility of those who decry these repeated acts of terror.

Part 3

Then finally we examine the recent report by the UNHCR that finds last year topped the record of the number of displaced people in the world that is now greater than it was after World War 11. Daryl Grisgraber, who leads Refugees International’s research and advocacy related to the Middle East and North Africa joins us to discuss the fate and future of a record 65.3 million asylum-seekers, internally displaced or refugees that make up a little under 1% of the earth’s population, one half of whom come from three countries, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.