June 20 - Huntsman and Romney; The High Cost of the Death Penalty; Ask a Mexican!

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Part 1

Rocky Anderson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City, who knows both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman well, joins us to assess the man who many see as the most formidable and electable candidate Obama could face. We discuss the inconsistencies between the former Jon Huntsman and the latest candidate to enter the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Rocky Anderson  

Part 2

Laurie Levenson, professor of Law at Loyola Law School joins us to discuss the just-released study, “Executing the Will of the Voters: A roadmap to mend and end the California Legislature’s multi-billion dollar death penalty debacle.” Laurie Levenson  

Part 3

Gustavo Arellano joins us. He writes the syndicated column, “Ask a Mexican,” and we talk to him about what he sees as a shining example of the Tea Party’s idea of a political paradise where taxes are low, there is no Obamacare and the rich are free to get richer and richer. The Tea Party’s perfect country, large areas of which are government free and ruled by those with the most money and guns, is of course, Mexico. Gustavo Arellano