June 15 - Sen. Bernie Sanders on Oil Speculation; Greek Crisis; Planned Parenthood Chopped in NC; US Guns in Mexico

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Part 1

Senator Bernie Sanders talks about his bill to end crazy speculation in the oil market that is stalling the recovery of an economy in grave trouble.  Yet the rich want more tax cuts and won't make any sacrifices, expecting the poor and middle class to shoulder the burden while their entitlements are cut Bernie Sanders  

Part 2

With a political and economic collapse of Greece seeming inevitable, John Brady Kiesling, joins us from Athens where there are riots in the street because of austerity measures meant to pay off debts which the EU privately expects Greece to default on.  John Brady Kiesling  

Part 3

Melissa Reed, Vice President of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Health Systems in North Carolina, explains the legislature's override vote to deny Planned Parenthood funding, making this the third state in a row to deny women health services in the name of banning abortion. Melissa Reed  

Part 4

Gerald Nunziato of Crime Gun Solutions analyzes the ATF's difficulties in stopping the flow of guns to Mexico due to lax laws because of the NRA's grip on Congress, where today lawmakers expressed outrage that American guns sold to a Mexican cartel killed a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Gerald Nunziato