June 14 - Obama's Takedown of Trump; A Rare Victory for the People Over Corporate Power; Paul Ryan's Gift Basket to Corporate Interests and Big Donors

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Part 1

We begin with the passionate speech President Obama delivered today to rebut yesterday’s self-serving response to the Orlando tragedy by Donald Trump in which Obama, without mentioning Trump’s name, ridiculed the absurdity that using the phrase “Radical Islam” would in any way deal with the threats that terrorists like ISIS pose to the United States. Lawrence Korb, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress who served as Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration and is the author of “A New National Security Strategy in an Age of Terrorists, Tyrants, and Weapons of Mass Destruction”, joins us to discuss Obama’s furious takedown of Trump and Hillary Clinton’s call to go after “lone wolves”.

Lawrence J. Korb

Part 2

Then we look into a rare victory for the people over corporate power in a critical decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that upheld net neutrality, meaning that telecomm giants and cable monopolies will not be able to block or slow down Internet content for consumers. Matt Wood, Policy Director at Free Press joins us to discuss what this means for mobile and broadband service which, had the ruling gone the other way, would get even worse than it is ending up with the poverty of choice from “paid prioritization" of corporate content over consumer choice. But the fact remains that, in spite of the Internet having been invented in the United States, Telecomm and Cable monopolies who control the pipe into the home, charge customers much more for some of the worst services in the world compared to Japan, South Korea and France where high speed broadband internet service is up to 100 times faster for one quarter of the cost.  

Part 3

Then finally we examine today’s Republican Economic Plan issued by Speaker Paul Ryan that is essentially issued a gift basket to corporate interests and powerful donors like the Koch Brothers. Robert Weissman, the President of Public Citizen and the Chair of the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards joins us to describe Paul Ryan’s agenda of rolling back science-based health, safety, consumer, worker and environmental protections while denying victims of corporate predators like investment advisers the right to seek redress in court.