June 14 - Egypt's Old Guard Strikes Back; Ending the Syrian Bloodbath; U.S.'s Secret "Shadow War" in Africa

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Part 1

We begin with what is being described as a coup in Egypt by the Egyptian Supreme Court, who on the eve of the final round of the presidential elections, have dissolved the recently-elected parliament. Khaled Elgindy, a Visiting Fellow for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution joins us. He was recently in Egypt observing the first round of the presidential elections and we will discuss the explosive situation now developing as the remnants of the old regime brazenly try to turn back the clock.

Part 2

Then we speak with a Syrian/American activist who is the spokesperson for the Syrian Local Coordination Committees. Rafif Jouejati joins us to discuss the extent of popular opposition to the Assad family as the regime desperately and ruthlessly tries to maintain its grip on power and how, in spite of deadly reprisals, more and more army soldiers are defecting to the Free Syrian Army.

Part 3

Then, following reports in the Washington Post that the U.S. is expanding a secret “shadow war” in Africa, we examine the role of U.S. Special Forces in their hunt for the murderous warlord Joseph Kony and how the Rwandan Government, an ally of the U.S., is destabilizing the east of the Congo. Maurice Carney, the Executive Director of Friends of the Congo joins us along with Jacques Bahati, a policy analyst at the Africa Faith and Justice Network.


music: “Syria Will Be The Next Victory” by SAC; “#Jan 25” by Sami Matar (Producer), , Omar Offendum (MC #1), The Narcicyst (MC #2), Freeway (MC #3), Amir Sulaiman (MC #4), and Ayah (R&B Vocalist); “Lisence to Kill” by Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan; “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes” by Paul Simon; Los Lobos