June 12 - Do Spy Agency Contractors Spy for Corporations or Wealthy Individuals?; Is North Carolina the Harbinger of America Run by the Kochs and the Tea Party?; An Analysis of Who the Real Erdogan Is

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of whether private contractors for secret intelligence agencies can use their advanced government–funded surveillance tools to spy on activists, political organizations, reporters and labor unions for corporate clients or wealthy individuals. Lee Fang a reporting fellow with the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute joins us to discuss his article at The Nation “How Spy Agency Contractors Have Already Abused Their Power”. lee fang


Part 2

Then we look into the state of the state in North Carolina, the model for aggressive Republican right wing governance that could be a harbinger of what America will look like if the Koch Brothers and Tea Party politicians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were able to take over the Federal Government. Jedediah Purdy, a Professor of Law at Duke University joins us to discuss his article at The Huffington Post “Why I Got Arrested in Raleigh: The States Are the New Front Line”.

jed purdy


Part 3

Then finally, as Turkish riot police are poised again to evict protesters from Taksim Square and Gezi Park we get an appraisal of who the autocratic Turkish leader Erdogan really is, and how much his polarizing personality is responsible for the escalating showdown between a growing number of citizens and the government of the ruling Justice and Development Party. David Phillips, the Director of the Peace-Building and Rights Program at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University joins us to discuss his article in the World Policy Journal “Why Are Turks So Angry?

david phillips