June 10 - The Intelligence Industrial Complex; Nigeria on the Potomac; The Latest IEA Report on Global Warming

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Part 1

We begin with a look into the post 9/11 Intelligence Industrial Complex following the latest leaks from an employee of an intelligence contractor Booze Allen Hamilton who in turn are owned by the Carlyle Group. A former CIA veteran Robert Baer joins us to discuss the real story that has been lost amid the familiar civil liberties versus national security arguments, and that is that the taxpayer is being swindled by multi-billion dollar boondoggles that don’t work. robert baer


Part 2

Then we look further into the post 9/11 national security swindles that promise Americans protection from terrorists but amount to nothing more than the greatest transfer of wealth from the public coffers to private hands in the history of the republic if not the world. Christopher Pyle, who teaches constitutional law and civil liberties at Mount Holyoke College and is the author of “Military Surveillance of Civilian Politics” joins us to discuss what oversight exists over secret programs in the government-to-industry revolving door of government officials and contractors.

christopher pyle


Part 3

Then finally, we assess the latest report on global warming from the International Energy Agency that warns that the world’s average temperature will increase by as much as 9.54 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Cleo Paskal, a Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, London, and author of “Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map” joins us to discuss what President Obama and China’s President Xi agreed to do to address this crisis.

cleo paskal