July 7 - Why Local Law Enforcement and Federal Immigration Authorities Don't Cooperate; China's Free-Falling Stock Market; Negotiations Between the Greek and European Finance Ministers Go Nowhere

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Part 1

We begin with the shooting at a popular tourist site in San Francisco of a young woman out for a stroll with her father that has erupted into a contentious national debate on immigration. Since the shooter has been deported five times, and was freed from jail despite a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to take him into custody, this tragedy has led critics to question San Francisco’s sanctuary policy. Doris Meissner, a former Commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service who is now is a Senior Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute, joins us to discuss the extent to which local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities do not cooperate and why.


Part 2

Then we examine the Chinese stock market that has been in free-fall for three weeks, losing about 30% of its value since June 12. Victor Shih, a Professor of Political Science in the 21st Century China Program at the University of California, San Diego who has been published widely on the politics of Chinese banking policies, fiscal policies and exchange rates, joins us to discuss why government efforts to stabilize the market by slashing interest rates, curbing IPO’s and having major brokerage houses pump in more capital, so far have not worked.


Part 3

Then finally we go to Athens, Greece for an update on emergency negotiations between the new Greek finance minister and his European counterparts that went nowhere amid warnings by German Chancellor Merkel that “it is no longer about weeks, but a matter of days” left to make a deal. Dimitri Papadimitriou, the President of the Levy Economics Institute joins us to discuss when and if a plan will materialize to get an agreement as Greece runs out of time and money, while the Europeans run out of patience.