July 5 - Lessons Not Learned From Fukushima; Can Money Buy Ohio the Key Swing State?; PRI Buys Vote Then Cheats Voters

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Part 1

We begin with today’s release of a Japanese Government inquiry into the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns which concludes that the disasters were man-made. A long-time nuclear industry insider, Arnie Gundersen joins us to discuss how instead of learning from the Japanese disasters, the U.S. nuclear industry had the head of the NRC forced out for trying to increase safety measures in U.S. nuclear power plants with identical reactors and similar vulnerability to earthquakes and tsunamis. arnie gunderson


Part 2

Then we look into the politics of the critical swing state Ohio, which President Obama visited today, along with surrogates for Mitt Romney; Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindal. An expert on election law and civil rights, Daniel Tokaji, a professor of Law at Ohio State University, joins us to discuss the unprecedented attention and money pouring into Ohio, a state with a recent history of voting irregularities.

daniel tokaji


Part 3

Then finally we go to Mexico City for an update on the disputed election recount of last Sunday’s vote. Tim Johnson, the Mexico City Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers joins us to discuss mounting evidence of flagrant vote-buying by the PRI, whose candidate Pena Nieto won in part thanks to gift cards that were redeemed at grocery chains now with empty shelves and lots of unhappy customers who found the gift cards were only worth a fraction of what the PRI had promised them for their vote. tim johnson
  MUSIC: Gil Scott Heron - Shut Um Down; Radiohead - Electioneering (cover); Modest Mouse - Ohio; Molotovs - Gimmie The Power